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Server Rules

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Main Guidelines

Base Guidelines
Common sense must be practiced in the server. Rules do not have loopholes, do not bait others into breaking rules, and the server is English speaking only as our Staff can only moderate English.
Any punishments placed on an account remain regardless of who was utilizing the account at the time of the infraction. The use and security of your Discord account are your sole responsibility.
Staff have final say on punishments placed. Anything not explicitly stated in the rules that is disruptive or causing issues may be punished as if it were a violation. If Staff tell you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

Rule 1

No Advertising, Self Promotion, or Begging
Do not advertise, self-promote, or solicit yours or other communities, projects, social media, content creation, etc. within the server or direct messages except in appropriate channels where explicitly allowed in the channel description.
Do not attempt to buy, sell, or trade any product or service. Do not ask for people to, or pay people to do easter eggs or play.
Do not beg for anything here, this includes asking others to buy you games, donate, share content, etc.

Rule 2

No NSFW or Disruptive Content
All content within your profile must be appropriate for the server and can not be disruptive, racist, hateful, etc. in any way, shape or form.
Do not post anything that would be considered NSFW. Content can be removed for any reason by Staff if deemed necessary, do not post it again.
Acting in any way with the intent to disrupt others looking for groups, discussing, or casually conversating is not allowed. Opinions and arguments must be legitimately your own without malicious intent.

Rule 3

No Disrespect or Drama
Disrespect, harassment, calling out, and making accusations about other players is not acceptable and should be handled internally with Staff via a Modmail.
Creating or reviving drama is not allowed. Healthy and respectful disagreement and arguments are allowed in discussion channels, not LFG.
Attacks or slurs relating to a person's gender, sexual preference, race, etc. are explicitly not allowed.

Rule 4

No Spamming or Off-Topic Content
You must review a channel's description before using it. Channel descriptions may contain channel-specific rules not mentioned explicitly here.
Keep all messages to their appropriate channel. Do not look for groups in the discussion channels and do not discuss in the LFG channels.
Do not spam your looking for group requests, post "copypasta" or other unrelated spam messages, and do not spam multiple channels in a consecutive manner.

Rule 5

No Piracy or Gamesharing
Gamesharing - Platform TOS
Piracy is against the law. Discussing, hinting, advocating, or even joking about piracy will lead to a ban.
Plutonium is the only third-party client allowed in the server and requires a legal copy to be utilized.
Do not ask for others to gameshare or family-share content with you. This is against platform ToS and endangers accounts.
Gamesharing or family sharing is a feature meant for use only with trusted friends and family, not random members of a Discord server.
There is no reason you should ever be talking or discussing about gamesharing. Even if your content was game-shared legitimately with your friends or family, there is no reason to state this. If you have an issue with your game because of gamesharing, you may not ask for help with it in our community.
"You cannot transfer your Microsoft account credentials to another user or entity. To protect your account, keep your account details and password confidential. You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your Microsoft account."
"5.9. Do not share, buy, sell, rent, sub-license, trade, transfer, phish for or harvest any accounts, account details, or other account credentials."
"You are responsible for the confidentiality of your login and password and for the security of your computer system. Valve is not responsible for the use of your password and Account or for all of the communication and activity on Steam that results from use of your login name and password by you, or by any person to whom you may have intentionally or by negligence disclosed your login and/or password in violation of this confidentiality provision."

Rule 6

No Voice Communication Abuse
Treat everyone in the voice channel with respect by not being disruptive to the channel's purpose, overly load, or using soundboards without consent.
If someone is being toxic in a voice channel, leave the channel or report to Modmail with a recording.
Do not abuse Music bots. These are privately maintained by the Administrators for your leisure, return the favor by being responsible with usage.

Rule 7

No Staff Disrespect or Punishment Evasion
Staff are volunteers that ensure you can enjoy the community in a drama, advertisement, and cheat-free environment. Be respectful.
Evading punishment is unacceptable and only intensifies the original punishment. You may only have one account in the server.
Backseat moderating, imitating Staff, and complaining about your punishments in public channels are explicitly not allowed.

Rule 8

No Cheating, Glitching, or Exploiting
Cheating, using mod menus (hacks), exploiting, or glitching is explicitly not allowed in the server. This is a cheat-free environment. Staff may punish anything they consider to be a cheat, glitch, or exploit at their discretion including Steam workshop mod menus.
Asking for, distributing, discussing, or using glitches, exploits, etc. with the intent to provide benefits not intended by the vanilla game is strictly prohibited. You may discuss glitches that are common and do not provide any advantages such those that harm the game, or any deemed acceptable strategies by leaderboard sites.
Mod menus (also known as hacks or infections) are never ever allowed. Do not use, talk about, advocate for, ask for, or joke about using mod menus/hacks while in the server. This does not mean custom maps or built-in mod tools such as Black Ops 3 or World at War on PC. If you are unsure, ask Staff. If you do not want to ask Staff, simply don't use them in the server.

Rule 9

Discord Terms and Guidelines
All Discord Terms of Service and Guidelines apply. This includes anything not explicitly stated within these rules as you have presumably read (and agreed to by using their service).
All users must be above the age of 13. Do not joke about being underage or imply under any circumstances that you are.
Severe violations of the guidelines or terms of service can and will be reported to Trust and Safety at Discord.