Server Rules

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Main Guidelines

Base Guidelines
Exercise common sense; rules have no loopholes and do not bait others into breaking them. Server is English-only server for moderation purposes. Your account is your responsibility, no matter who is actually using it. Staff decisions are final; disruptive behavior not covered in rules may be penalized. Comply immediately if asked to stop by Staff.

Rule 1

No Advertising, Self Promotion, or Begging
Refrain from advertising or self-promotion in the server or direct messages, except in specified channels explicitly stating allowed content in the description. Additionally, avoid engaging in buying, selling, or trading activities and refrain from requesting or offering payment for tasks or gaming. Avoid soliciting or begging for monetary gifts, games, donations, or any items within the community.

Rule 2

No NSFW or Disruptive Content
All content including profiles should follow server guidelines, avoiding disruptive, racist, or hateful material. Steer clear of NSFW content; Staff may remove posts and reposting after removal is not allowed. Refrain from disrupting group searches or discussions; express opinions authentically without malicious intent.

Rule 3

No Disrespect or Drama
Refrain from disrespect, harassment, or accusations against other players. Address issues with Staff via Modmail. Avoid instigating conflicts or drama, limiting arguments to discussion channels, and attacks or slurs based on personal traits are prohibited.

Rule 4

No Spamming or Channel Misuse
Check channel descriptions for specific rules before use. Keep messages in appropriate channels; no seeking groups in discussions or discussing in LFG. Avoid spamming LFG requests, "copypasta," or generally unrelated messages.

Rule 5

No Piracy or Gamesharing
Gamesharing - Platform TOS
Piracy discussions, hints, or jokes will lead to a ban; it's illegal. Plutonium is the sole allowed third-party client, requiring a legal copy. Avoid asking for gamesharing or family-sharing; it violates platform rules.
Gamesharing or family sharing is a feature meant for use only with trusted friends and family, not random members of a Discord server.
There is no reason you should ever be talking or discussing about gamesharing. Even if your content was game-shared legitimately with your friends or family, there is no reason to state this. If you have an issue with your game because of gamesharing, you may not ask for help with it in our community.
"You cannot transfer your Microsoft account credentials to another user or entity. To protect your account, keep your account details and password confidential. You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your Microsoft account."
"5.9. Do not share, buy, sell, rent, sub-license, trade, transfer, phish for or harvest any accounts, account details, or other account credentials."
"You are responsible for the confidentiality of your login and password and for the security of your computer system. Valve is not responsible for the use of your password and Account or for all of the communication and activity on Steam that results from use of your login name and password by you, or by any person to whom you may have intentionally or by negligence disclosed your login and/or password in violation of this confidentiality provision."

Rule 6

No Voice Communication Abuse
Respect voice channel etiquette: avoid disruption, loudness, or unsolicited soundboard use. Leave or report toxic behavior in voice channels to Modmail with recordings. Responsibly use Music bots; Admins maintain these for your enjoyment.

Rule 7

No Punishment Evasion or Discussion
Do not publicly share or discuss mod actions. Use Modmail for punishment discussions. Avoid attempting to evade punishment, as it escalates consequences. One account per user only. No imitating staff or backseat moderating allowed.

Rule 8

No Cheating, Glitching, or Exploiting
Everything is at Staff's discretion. just play fair to avoid any issues. No cheating, mod menus, exploits, or glitches allowed. Only harmless glitches or approved strategies are allowed for discussion. Mod menus (hacks) discussion or use in the server is prohibited. Custom maps or built-in mod tools are obviously allowed.

Rule 9

Discord Terms and Guidelines
Follow Discord's Terms of Service and Guidelines. Users must be 13+. Avoid jokes or implications of being underage. Severe violations are reported to Discord's Trust and Safety.